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As a British owned company with manufacturing facilities in the Philippines Modelbuffs.com® offers custom made and standard "off the shelf" wooden model aircraft, wooden plaques, aircraft tail shields and aircraft "nose art" panels. Unlike our competitors Modelsbuffs.com® run their business direct from the factory source and not through third party companies or regional trading offices. The quality of your model is assured from day one of manufacture.

We insist on only the best so that we can be sure of your complete satisfaction. Ask for a 6 inch Spitfire or a six foot Tiger Moth. Aircraft your Dad flew like the Lightning, the Vulcan, or the 757 or A321 you flew on holiday in. Our craftsman and artists can produce an extremely high quality, hand made and hand painted models, in your choice of colours to accurate scale dimensions, there are no decals on any of our models. A model you would be proud to own or give as a gift or service retirement present. We can also commission tail flashes, tail fins, plaques and shields all hand carved.