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Nose Art

Man has a long history of war. A tradition that is associated with this is the warrior's desire to decorate their instruments of war. During the Twentieth Century this tradition continued primarily by decorating the vehicles of war.the airplane. Nose Art is the genre of art used to decorate combat aircraft. Every since men used airplanes as an instrument of war, they have decorated them with this unique art form. Some prefer to describe this as the first nose art because it was applied to the front rather than the side of the airplane; hence the name "nose art." ModelBuffs.com produce their nose art panels on vintage aircraft aluminum dating from the World War II era to give the panels that authentic look and feel. All our panels are individually made and hand painted. We have just begun our production of these colorful works of art so our database is at the moment rather limited. We can however produce any panel you require and at a price that we will guarantee to match our competitors. These replica nose art panels will bring your love of aviation history right into your living room, study or office and will stay with you for a lifetime.

You never really own a ModelBuffs.com model - you merely pass it on to the next generation!
Avro Lancaster Nose Art Panel Model
Avro Lancaster Nose Art Panel

Body Length - 36.00 in. [91.40 cm.]
PRICE - $ 264.5
Keystone Lady Model
Keystone Lady

Body Length - 24.00 in. [61.00 cm.]
Height - 18.00 in. [45.70 cm.];
PRICE - $ 175.00
Sally B Model
Sally B

Body Length - 30.00 in. [76.20 cm.]
Height - 22.00 in. [55.90 cm.];
PRICE - $ 194.5

If your desired Aviation Nose Art, Aluminum Aircraft Nose Panels, Replica Nose Panel Art or Bomber Girl Artwork is not listed ModelBuffs.com can still produce any replica you may require. You can also supply your own digital pictures or URL reference by attaching them to the "custom made form" which you can access by clicking below. Once we have your request we will arrange to send you a quotation by return email within 24 hours.

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