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Working from your photographs or digital images we can create a beautiful custom oil painting (or any medium such as water color, charcoal or pastel) of your company aircraft or fleet, your personal aircraft, or your favorite aircraft or flying memory. It's an impressive fine art investment for corporate offices or your home - created especially for you - in flight or in any setting. No detail will be spared!

You can also your own digital pictures by attaching them below. As it is sometimes difficult for us to see from digital images the exact color of certain parts of the plane or subject it would help if you could let us have the closest Pantone color for each part of section of the body. This can easily done by logging on to http://www.mfa-uk.co.uk/images/colorchart.htm for Pantone colors and selecting the closest color match.

In the meanwhile, please provide us a picture of your favorite plane or subject and we'll attend to you the soonest possible time. If you have the URL for your desired subject, please click here

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If you have the URL for your desired model, please click here
If you can't complete the above form please email us at sales@modelbuffs.com with the full details of what you require.
Prior to despatch digital photos will be sent to the customer showing the final finished product.