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Boeing SST Model Model | PRICE - $ 141.50
Quick Statistics: Body Length - 17 in. • Span - 10 in. • Height - 2.6 in. • Scale - 1:206
Related Link: The US SST Supersonic Transport Program 1961-1971

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Please use the same name and e-mail address you will be using in purchasing this product. These identifiers will serve as the vital link between your customized model plane to your specifications.
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If possible, please include digital images of your plane from various angles. Ideally, please include three separate images for three separate angles. Please do not upload images larger than 1mb.
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Display stands are solid wood with stainless steel support. Logos and inscriptions can be applied to the stand, detailing owner or Pilot information or to recognise either a special flight or service details.For military models we can additionally include high quality gold thread hand sewn squadron badges (2.75 in high), which is let into the stand.

Call us or email to discuss your specific needs. Although we can complete some models and bespoke requirements in a little as 4 weeks, we will quote 10-12 weeks generally to complete a model from the time of order confirmation.
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