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Whether it's a Learjet 60 or the latest Airbus A380 we have it at ModelBuffs.com together with famous airliners of the past such as Boeing 707's Douglas DC-3's, Super Constellations or whatever maybe your choice. Our full collection of civilian airplane models and other scale model aircraft encompasses  the customisation of famous mahogany wooden airplane models of your favourite airlines such as United, Qantas, Lufthansa, British Airways and many bygone airlines. We also have custom made and "off the shelf" private airplane models exactly to scale from Cessna, Piper, Cirrus through to Beech. These replica aircraft professionally handcrafted in Philippine mahogany by ModelBuffs.com bring your love of aviation right into your living room, study or office and will stay with you for a lifetime and for generations to come.

We can also make wood bespoke scale replicas of any other private / civil commercial airliner or airliners, helicopter, glider, gliders with engines, military jet, warplane jets, propeller warplanes, biplane, triplane, tail fin, spacecraft, rocket or NASA model you require in any airline, military or civilian livery or colors. We also produce model airship, blimp, dirigible, blimps, boat,and ship collectibles. Wall plaque or seal for military, government or private customers. Wholesale and retail and general customization inquiries welcome.

You never really own a ModelBuffs.com model - you merely pass it on to the next generation!
Yakovlev Yak-52TW Termikas Model
Yakovlev Yak-52TW Termikas

Body Length - 14.40 in. [36.60 cm.] • Span - 17.00 in. [43.20 cm.]
Height - 4.50 in. [11.40 cm.]; • Scale - 1:23 • Registration - LY-YMS
PRICE - $ 194.5
Zenith CH2000 Model
Zenith CH2000

Body Length - 13.50 in. [34.30 cm.] • Span - 17.00 in. [43.20 cm.]
Height - 4.10 in. [10.40 cm.]; • Scale - 1:20
PRICE - $ 194.5
Zephyr 2000 Model
Zephyr 2000

Body Length - 11.00 in. [27.90 cm.] • Span - 17.00 in. [43.20 cm.]
Height - 3.50 in. [8.90 cm.]; • Scale - 1:22 • Registration - PH-3N2
PRICE - $ 194.5
Zivko 540 Red Bull Model
Zivko 540 Red Bull

Body Length - 14.40 in. [36.60 cm.] • Span - 17.00 in. [43.20 cm.]
Height - 6.60 in. [16.80 cm.]; • Scale - 1:17
PRICE - $ 209.4
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If your desired Private, Commercial or Civilian Airplane is not listed ModelBuffs.com can still produce any private airplane models or civilian airplane models of any type or size that you may require. If we have not made a particular model aircraft before then we will get scale plans and use our own digital pictures of the aircraft or get them from stock sources. You can also supply your own digital pictures or URL reference by attaching them to the "custom made form" which you can access by clicking below. Once we have your request we will arrange to send you a quotation by return email within 24 hours

Click here to supply details for your Custom Made Private Airplane Models & Civilian Airplane Models